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Does your house need a facelift? Would a new front entry make a world of difference? It is after all what you see first when you enter your house. Would a set of internal bi-folds help to cut down some noise from the blaring television in the other room? How about a sliding door to keep that heat in during winter? What about a set of external bi-folds to make the inside meet outside? Hi-Tech Property Maintenance specialists in door replacements. We can replace or redesign front entries, sliding doors, bi-folds, swinging doors, even turn a window into doors. We have been in doors for over 10 years and can inject some wow factor into your house. Fitting doors may seem easy but we can assure you that after years of doors we still come up against challenges. So if you have some door work that needs attending to call us on 0433 791 984

About us

Hi-Tech Property Maintenance is a domestic Property Maintenance Company in Melbourne that specialists in Timber Door and Window Replacements. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the level of service we provide. We have the attitude that it should be done right the first time. We are very lucky that we have a profession where we get a lot of satisfaction out of our work. We can turn up at a house with an old dilapidated front entry frame in the morning and by the time we leave for the day....

Our Services

Hi-Tech Property Maintenance offers a full door replacement service, from replacing a door into an existing frame to creating a new opening Hi-Tech can do it all. We remove windows and replace with external bi-folds, we can replace an entire frame with a new one, the limit is only your imagination. Contact Us to discuss your options....


Steve and his assistant Nathan installed a pair of exterior French doors at our Hawthorn house in May 2013. It was a tricky job because the whole doorframe was out of whack due to movement in the house. They kept at it until they got it right. They arrived on time (for the quote and […] - Jacqui H, Hawthorn
At our request, the bi-fold door manufacturer provided us with a highly positive recommendation of the skilled talents provided by Hi-Tech. Steve proved to be not only affable, but extremely capable in the installation and set-up of the upstairs bi-fold doors. His attention to detail, as well as his suggestions to ensure the best outcome, […] - Barry – Elwood